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By Mira Loew and David Altweger

 Do you use a mobile phone or computer every day?

How much personal data do you give away each day to navigate your digital life?

Could you unplug, even if you wanted to?

Digital dance company Pell Ensemble invites you into the world of EPOQ: A
live gaming experience where your choices become data, uploaded to shape
a new human being.


On entering the space you will meet David, ready to be brought to life by your data.

From the safety of your seat and through a custom built app on a mobile
device, your every tap, swipe and swirl will inform who David becomes.

Through your input David experiences the joy, fear and complexity of being

But at what cost - will your data be put to good use?

And what happens
to it once the experience is over?


Upload or unplugit’s your choice.

Concept and Direction: Rebecca Evans

Choreography: Rebecca Evans in collaboration with dancers

Technical Direction & Coding: Simon Haenggi (Visualpilots)

Creative Technologists: Owen Hindley (Huldufugl) and Alexander Wallin

Original music and sound by: Ehud Freedman

Dramaturgy and Text: Adam Peck

Art Direction and Animation: David Altweger

Narrative and Creative Design elements contributed by: 

Alex Hoban, Ray Cheung, Clarisse ODell and John Kavanagh

Producer: Step Out Arts

Associate Producer: Victoria Eyton

Company Manager: Tim Chew

App and marketing photography and video: Mira Loew

Set Design: Clarisse O'Dell

"Paranoid Android" by Radiohead, performed by Threeds

"Paranoid Android" by Radiohead, performed by  El Ten Eleven

Co-Produced by:

Co-Commission in 2017 by:

Produced by: 

Upload/Unplug Trailer



October 24th: Frequency Festival at Lincoln Drill Hall, Lincoln

November 2nd: Electric Theatre, Guildford

November 5th: Exeter Phoenix, Exeter

November 14th, 15th and 16th: Rich Mix, London

November 21st: Guildhall Arts Centre, Grantham


May: ARC Stockton (Premiere)

May: Athens Digital Arts Festival, Athens, Greece


May: Redbridge Drama Centre, London (Showcase)

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