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6. HINTERLANDS_ AUDIENCE 7_ Image by Alice Underwood_edited.png
Skills for making
digital experiences
now and in the future.

Rebecca has developed and delivered digital making workshops with movement since 2016 with the aim to build skills, share knowledge and inspire.  


This includes creation of one-of-a-kind programme MOVE AND CODE with computing curriculum specialist Su Adams. Using movement and creative computing to teach the computing curriculum, inspiring female and non-binary identifying people ages 11-14 to become the creators of the diverse digital future.


Rebecca also offers bespoke 3 day professional development programmes for organisations such as Sampad Arts, talks on her practice and facilitates work for others through a digital dramaturgy process.  


With a BFA in Dance and an MA in Virtual and Extended Realities Rebecca is well placed to deliver practical and critical lectures and workshops in higher education settings. She has done this for University of Bristol, University of Bedfordshire, Bath Spa University, University of Bath and Teesside University.  


(AGES 11-14)

To find out more about

Workshops for
higher education
and professionals


Conceptualising a Digital Dance Work


The Nitty Gritty

6. HINTERLANDS_ AUDIENCE 7_ Image by Alice Underwood_edited.png

3 day CPD

This session introduces key conceptual and practical processes of working with developing technologies in a movement context.

Regardless of the technology used tools introduced

can be applied in a multitude of contexts including

dance, immersive and interactive performance,

VR/AR/MR/XR and beyond.

(4 HRS) 

The unglamorous but necessary aspects of producing digital dance works. From understanding budgets, project timelines, who you need on your team and when, where to find them as well as tools for project management.

(2-4 HRS)

3 days that include the above workshops, time to prototype a new idea and a day of practical hands-on experimenting with a variety of new technologies. 


HINTERLANDS_ WHISKERS 2 _ Image by Mira Loew and Alexander MacKinnon_edited.png


In this talk Rebecca shares the process for making Hinterlands, her research that surrounds the work on audience agency, the potentiality of the overlapping digital human spaces for speculative human/digital/natural futures and her learnings for choreographing in AR headset environments with live dancers.

(~20 MIN)


Artist Talk

With over 10 years of making with digital and dance, underpinned by an MA in Virtual and Extended Realities, Rebecca has developed a deep understanding of the processes, questions and context of making boundary breaking work. In this talk she shares her creative processes, findings and questions she currently has.

(30 MIN - 1 HRS)


Digital Dramaturgy

With 10 years of experience making digital dances works I am passionate about facilitating the making of great work for future audiences. Having worked with a wide variety of technologies I can map out successful R&D processes, facilitate protoyping and testing and bring a dramaturgical eye creating cohesion between the elements.

  • Creative processes for making impactful and meaningful digital dance works.

  • Critical, ethical and dramaturgical questions 

  • Experience and understanding of digital dance workflows with a wide variety of technologies.

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