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“Fear is the most potent weapon.” 

― Faraaz Kazi

The Other

A duet between a pedlar of fear and the fragile human spirit. 

The Other


Direction and Choreography

Rebecca Evans

Interactive lights created by Creative Technologists

Alasdair Blackwell and Clarisse O'Dell


James McKenzie and Rebecca Evans 

Original Dancers

Jason Boyle and Jack Humphrey



Bachar Mar Khalife

Behind the Scenes 

“All three are packed with driving physicality and are astute and well-constructed explorations of human existence, choice and how easy it is to find ourselves on the dark side.”

-Dancing Times


“Urgent, searing dance theatre that stays with you long after the performance ends."

-Broadway World UK

A commission for 2Faced Dance for the 2016/2017 tour RUN, 'The Other' is a reactive piece set against the current political situation of immigration and our destructive relationship with fear.


How does fear take over when our world shifts and is full of unknowns?  How much can the human spirit be conquered by the momentum of fright and phobia?  The narrative is viewed through the lens of Supernatural Horror, a genre with a deep history of exploring our unspeakable and the unreachable fears. The vivid imagery and macabre undertones was our starting point for both the movement and narrative.  


Hand held motion reactive lights by digital designers Alasdair Blackwell and Clarisse O'Dell come alive, changed by the dancers movements. They cast harsh shadows, manipulate reality and shift perceptions within a flicker. Bachar Mar-Khalife's distinct music adds to the haunting atmosphere, his lyrics recognise our current situation and is a call to arms against it, supporting this

duet between a pedlar of fear and the fragile human spirit. 

Toured UK and Internationally

Images and Video: Luke Evans

Behind the scenes

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