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A journey from intimacy to isolation driven by mobile technologies and our need to communicate.     




Rebecca Evans and Lorenza Lo

Direction and Choreography

Rebecca Evans 


Emily Thompson-Smith, Kostas Papamatthaiakis and Lorenza Lo

Sound Arranged by

Christin Rauter

Projection design

Lorenza Lo

Lighting design

Jo Hornsby


'Effective and affecting work' 

-Sanjoy Roy,

“We expect more from technology and less from each other. We create technology to provide the illusion of companionship without the demands of friendship.”

-Sherry Turkle 


With two handheld and two fixed projectors, as well as 400 paper planes, the dancers seek to communicate with each other, the audience and themselves.  Messages dance around the space in projected words and flying planes, eroding the dancers relationship as they become increasingly present.  

'K' was commissioned and premiered at Wilton's Music Hall as part of Wilton's Strike September 2016, supported by Creation Box. 

Image: Judith Kuniskyte

Video: Arts Streaming


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