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Photo by Zoe Rado 



Free will in modern times. 

How we make choices when surrounded by marketing, technology and social media. 

In a 20 minute non stop piece, 5 dancers continually circle the stage as a modern tribe,  individuals caught together in a stream of constant motion and information until one decides to step out of the group.  


DECOY looks at our interaction with modern culture.  Asks how we maintain our own individuality and when, if ever, can we step out of the constant stream of information.  


Direction and concept: Rebecca Evans

Choreography: Rebecca Evans in collaboration with the dancers

Dancers: Emily Thompson-Smith, David Ogle, Lisa Hood, Tim Chew and Megan Griffiths

Costume design: Otavia Trama

Lighting design: Jo Hornsby

Performed at:

The Place, Resolutions! 2014

Richdance Festival 2014 

Pop up at Tate Modern 2014

Chelsea Arts Collective 2014

Big Dance Festival 2014

Spontaneous Combustion Festival 2014

London Bridge Festival 2014 

Space generously donated by Blue Cow Yoga and The Place. Subsidised space  by Islington Arts Factory and Moving East.

Photo by Zoe Rado 

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