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A mixed-reality dance work for headsets on the speculative future of

evolution being human, digital and extremophile. 

Created by Rebecca Evans and Collaborators


In production

Direction and Choreography

Rebecca Evans

Lead Creative Technologist

Clemence Debaig of Unwired Studio

Animation and VFX

Alexander MacKinnon

Creative Technologists

Rebecca Evans 

Jon Higgins

Sound Artist

Christian Duka


Joanne Skapinker

Intimacy and Consent Coordination

Mira Loew

Original Dancers

Ania Varez

Jan-Ming Lee

Anna Kaszuba



Mentoring and support

Alexander Whitely and Naomi Smyth.

‘Did not want to leave’

‘Incredible, Magical Space’

‘The dancing was gorgeous, especially the merging of the three dancers and the entity.’

‘Beautiful, otherworldly experience.’

‘I like the creature gradually unravelling and building to the point where it is connected to the dancers and you.’


‘I loved this place and would like to go back now and again.’

‘Loved the digital and physical interaction, it felt almost more than real’

‘A bit speechless’

Inspired by microorganisms called extremophiles that live on the edge of habitability,

in some of earth’s most inhospitable environments, 

Hinterlands is a mixed reality headset experience about the speculative futures of human evolution.

Movement, spatial sound and augmented reality come together to create a

space that unfolds differently for you and the dancers.

Through an invitation to move, you will

explore our entanglement with the natural and digital world and

our possibilities for surviving, evolving and becoming.

The team explored live motion capture streamed to ​headset to move a non-humanoid entity in mixed reality using passthrough mode ​to three untethered Pico 4​s.

(Wearing a headset you will see both the real world around you and

a mixed reality layer. At certain points​, the ​dancers' movements

will move and ​​affect the augmented layers through the use of a motion capture suit). 

Three dancers and three audience members ​​navigate this space

through a structured improvisational score.

What has been created is a ​three-part experience over 20 minutes

that considers how extending participants' kinaesthetic and spatial awareness in MR

heightens senses and possibly connection to self, other and environment.

First R&D in Autumn 2023 support from UWE Bristol, Knowle West Media Centre and The Studio.

Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

Rebecca is now looking to share and test the work as well as explore further development and touring opportunities.

Image: Mira Loew and Alexander MacKinnon

Video: Alice Underwood 

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