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DW%20Logo%20light%20grey_edited.png is a project created by Rebecca Evans and Mira Loew in

collaboration with 
10 professional artists and the residents of Waltham Forest. 

A physical response capturing the momentum of change,

stillness of isolation and the personal stories that

dwell in our homes and community.


The making of took place between May-August 2020. 

Using projectors people invited a virtual dancer into their space, creating a response that incorporated themselves,

the dancer and their home.  Developed through a series of questions and conversations this was a

unique making process with each participant, offering a space for people to reflect, create and speak

about their experiences as we moved in and out of isolation. 

A collection of 97 videos, 126 photos, 10 pieces of original writing and 12 original sound scores were created.


Funny, intimate and powerful, this website is a beautiful collection

of the individual and shared journeys taken over 2020.


The projected dancers are Antony Daly Luna and Rebecca Evans is commissioned by Waltham Forest Council as part of Waltham Forest Virtual Culture.
Funded by the Great Place Scheme.


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