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800 Lifetimes

Modern Myth Making for a digital age



Welcome to this myth, legend and hope created with the people in this place.

We conjure and tell these myths each year in a different city or town.

By doing so we ask to be brought together for the coming 12 months. 

Time in this space will stand still and bend, all 800 lifetimes will be with us, those that came before, those here and those yet to be.   

So keep breathing and we look forward to travelling through these lifetimes with you.




800 Lifetimes is a 45 minute contemporary dance, sound and voice performance around modern myth making with local communities.  It includes 360 sound technology Flowfal which allows the dancers, through a wearable app, to move and manipulate the sound in the space in real time.  


‘800 Lifetimes’ is created by Pell Ensemble, directed by choreographer Rebecca Evans in collaboration with sound designer Christian Duka, creative tech Simon East using the Flowfal system, composer Dominie Hooper, dancers Antony Daly Luna, Amarnah Ufuoma Cleopatra Osajivbe-Amuludun and Caterina Grosoli.

Creative mentorship from Yael Flexer.  

Producer Jih Wen Yeh and Engagement Leads Alana Long and Tamzin OGarro.

Movement material and words come directly from or are inspired by

New Chapters (over 55’s) Dance Group, UoB dance students and their relationship to Bedford.



Pell Ensemble Dancers

University of Bedfordshire dance students

New Chapters (over 55) dancers

Singers from Bedford

Available for tour Spring 2023

Tour Pack Coming Soon


This project is commissioned and co-produced by University of Bedfordshire and Bedford Creative Arts, a part of the Dance Beds programme. Produced by Step Out Arts. Supported in partnership by Dance East and The Place Theatre Bedford. Supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

IThis film was created by Alice Underwood

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