//Reflection for Confide




Can you feel all the conversations

Past, present and future

Mapped across my body?







Can you see me like I see you?

View the light 

From our third eye.

Can you feel me, like I feel you?

Sense the pulse

Of our heart.


Who are you, Without me?

Who am I, Without you?

I can feel you, can you feel me?


Heal me

Heal you

I'm here

You're here


Feel all the conversations

Past, present and future

//Mapped across our body.


//Reflection: External / Internal 

A thin veil held the reality we once knew.

Our collective wounds are tearing it apart.

Fears, pain, uncertainty bursting through

Hope, change, community expands

And I feel it all.

For so long, I have existed between realities.

One, I am unseen and unheard. 


One, I am seen and heard. 


They have collided.



How do I exist in this unknown?

What was normal, was not safe for me.

And now that you can see the whole me,

Will you make space for me?

Because I have been here.


Can you feel the conversations 

Past, present and future

Mapped across my body?


I am here. //


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