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Pell Ensemble Upload_Unplug by Electric Egg curtesy of Frequency Festival 2019


Its your choice


A work commissioned by Waltham Forest Borough of Culture

A physical response capturing the momentum of change,

stillness of isolation and the personal stories that

dwell in our homes and community.



The Other




A commission for 2Faced Dance's 2016/2017 triple bill RUN

A duet between a


pedlar of fear and


the fragile human







Photo by Luke Evans






A journey from intimacy to isolation driven by mobile technologies and our need to communicate.  




 'It’s an effective and affecting work' 


Sanjoy Roy -

Photo by Judita Kuniskyte



Free will in modern times. 

How we make choices when surrounded by marketing, technology and social media. 

''Her work is not coy. It is choreography that we ought to keep count of. ''

 Liza Weber






Exploring the space between what our eyes see and our minds perceive. 

"striking kinetic images"


Donald Hutera - The Times

Photo by Ben Warren

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