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//Tension I do not alleviate so these words I do create.

I flicker

I burn

I stutter

I twist

I turn

I shift

I learn.


The direction

I cannot figure out

it's like a figure 8 flipped sideways 

On the infinity highway,             

I shift gears

hoping to reach the speed of light  

How fast we go I feel no fright,

my bark is smaller than my bite

although I know I fear the light.

My hair is sparked by shadows reflected off the tree's bark.

 in this box, you see me a rectangular border unnamed.

The wall is white the reflection is bright.

This black man does not wish to stand and fight.

Foreground emanating an overlapping background

As I blaze a siren in my heart from 2D I free thee.//


'Distorted Shell'  //It is ok to  incubate and in the same breath come out of that shell and share with the community.  //



// Everyone needs help especially in these situations we find ourselves in.

We are not alone

and no one should

fear to be vulnerable //

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