A physical response capturing the momentum of change, stillness of isolation and the personal stories that dwell in our homes and community.    



Choreographer Rebecca Evans and visual artist Mira Loew will collaborate with members of the public to create ‘virtual duets’.   A professional dancer will be brought into peoples homes via projection.

Participants will become co-collaborators in an online gallery of videos,  images and writing that aim to capture our current emotional and physical landscapes.


For the month of June Rebecca and Mira will be looking for people from Waltham Forest to contribute to this project by: 

  • Inviting a professional dancer into your home via projection.  

  • Create a new image, video, drawing or piece of writing with the dancer and in response to the concept of change.  

  • Have your work platformed on an online gallery alongside other professional artist’s work.   

  • Instructions and support will be provided.


You do not have to be a dancer to participate but someone who is interested in transforming their home, having a fun experience with a professional dancer  and creating something unique.   


This project does require use of a projector. It is open to all residents in Waltham Forest who are interested and have a projector. If you live in Leyton or Leytonstone and do not have a projector, please get in touch with us and something may be possible to arrange.


CLICK                        TO REGISTER YOUR INTEREST

Commissioned Contributing Artists Include

Jordan Ajadi

David Altweger

Jemima Brown

Cat Drew

Jasmine Chiu

Elena Cremona

Guillaume Cornet

Antony Daly Luna

Tamzin OGarro

David Ogle

Jane Turner

 Content Coming soon

DWELL.IN.G is a project created by Rebecca Evans and Mira Loew in collaboration with

10 professional artists and the residents of Waltham Forest. 


It is commissioned by Waltham Forest Council as part of Waltham Forest Virtual Culture.

Funded by the Great Place Scheme. www.wfculture.co.uk/virtual

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