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This pioneering weeklong summer programme 'Digital Leap' aims to
inspire female identifying students to take the jump into a creative digital world
Combining Pell Ensembles unique teaching style of movement, programming and physical computing participants will work together to build an interactive digital dance performance based on the theme 'Future Worlds', inspired by the United Nations Global Goals for 2030. Aimed at students ages 12-14, this programme will generate excitement, build confidence and introduce skills, encouraging students to move forwards with a career in computing and or the creative digital industries.

In Summer 2022, we will piloted this programme as 2 x one week programmes with students
from East London as part of the East Summer School for week one and Waltham Forest Council/East Bank for week 2 with support Foundation for
Future London’s Connecting People & Places Grant Scheme. 

Student places on the programme was free and lunches provided.  Each day included at least 60 minutes each of dance, computing and designAlongside this female identifying speakers with careers in creative technologies spoke about their experience in the field.

To read more about the project and our story telling impact report click
We are excited to develop further opportunities to deliver this in summer 2023.

Week 1 

Week 2 

Leytonstone TrialblazARs

A creative digital adventure that brings to life the history of Leytonstone High Road, through the eyes of young local residents.  Get to know this corner of the city better through a walking AR app that includes dance, music and stories created and told by the people that live here.  

The app was created by students from Leytonstone’s very own Connaught School for Girls in collaboration with digital dance company Pell Ensemble and computing educator U Can Too.  Students co-created the performance, stories and music, and developed the app using Augmented Reality app Blippar; creating a way to see the high street in a new light.

The interactive element of the project is now closed
but to read more about the work click HERE



Teaching the hard skills of coding through a creative brief.  

A programme started in 2016, led by The Bridge at Waterloo supported by the Wolcot Foundation, to create a pathway to digital employment for people 18-30 in Lambeth Council.  Digital futures works to give people employability and coding skills over a 4 week period.  The digital education team led by Su Adams of U Can Too teamed up with dance choreographer Rebecca Evans of Pell Ensemble to bring a creative twist to the project.  Students in the 2016 cohort created a digital performance for Strive Festival at Southbank Centre and in 2017 an evening performance was created for The Vaults.  


For more about the program click the link below. 


Digital Futures


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