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  //The Journey


   Sea birds squawk above my head

   Notes of sweet jasmine linger on gentle breeze

   Excitement and anticipation

   Mix with salty air.


  I turn and take one last look,

   Pastel, lush green, golden sand. I will miss you.

   But the mother country needs us 

   and so we answer her call.


















Sunset, sunrise, sunset,

22 days, 22 nights.

Cool air meets my cheeks, a sharp intake of breath

As the sun rises over grey river snaking us into London.




Each day has potential, an opportunity to fulfil our duty  

Each day has disappointment, a rejection, an injustice  


Until one day, a smile, an outreached hand, a ray of hope  

Like the light shining through the cracks of a broken vase  


   Time passes, the seasons of life defined.

 I am in East London and the cold winter has given way to a Spring morning.

           The market flows long its heartbeat strong.

           Earthy spices, and reggae beats, mingle with pie & mash.

                                                  Voices from different lands familiar in my ears.

                                                  An array of colours, the rainbow’s end leads here 


  We, rebuilt this land.                 














I have had a beautiful life.  

Love, grief, joy, tears, these are the things that make a life.

And mine has been beautiful.

But on this journey some people lost more than they gained//

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