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to challenge the future

Innovative experiences 

Photo by Ben Warren

Pell Ensemble is a creative and collaborative company making digital experiences that connect people to themselves and the world around them NOW. 


Together we question how can we make differently, how the people we make for we can make with and where digital and dance

can empower people to challenge the status quo. 


Choreographer Rebecca Evans and Computing Specialist Su Adams

work together to lead the company.  Combining their expertise to deliver with

innovation, integrity, diversity and collaboration.  


The Ensemble



Tim Chew

Megan Griffiths

Lisa Hood

Julie Minaai

David Ogle

Emily Thompson-Smith

Stefania Pinato

Kostas  Papamatthaiakis

Antony Daly-Luna

Tamzin O'Garro

Ripp Greatbatch

Jasmine Chiu

Ingvild Marstein Olsen

Director and Choreographer

Rebecca Evans 


Su Adams


Photo by Ben Warren

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