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Pell Ensemble_Hinterlands_Testing Image_ Image by Mira Loew and Alexander MacKinnon.jpg

Innovative experiences 

to reimagine the future

Image by Mira Loew and Alexander Mackinnon

Pell Ensemble was created in 2014 by Choreographer, Dance and Digital Artist Rebecca Evans.  

Her work uses interactive and immersive technologies combined with dance to engage audiences and communities in both the making and performance process. This has looked like audiences on tablets changing the dance, sound and projection on stage, spatial interactive sound and movement work in the round,

motion capture and hand tracking in mixed reality experiences.

Her curiosity about digital originally started with the impact of the internet and communications technologies on society. Through her practice and research, this shifted to a focus on human connectivity rather than digital connectivity.  She currently is exploring how digital and movement offers ways to appreciate our mutual dependency as part of a human, environmental and technological ecology to

speculate on new futures and ways of being. 

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